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MUNICH HI END  2017 show report

Hi, Dearest all visitors to our booth P20 at Munich HI END 2017 !!  


           We thank you so much for your visit. It was great privilege and amazing experience for us to 

have seen you there.  Many great friends were those who we've been talking over years without seeing

by now. Hope we can see you every year in Munich HI END, and those great experiences made us to 

swear " we must come back here every single year !!  m@_@m xxxx "  

           We had a booth P20 at the corner of Halle 3, where we could have quite busy flow of visitors street as expected. We may be having better chance to come back this position every year !? It was great cooperation with 2 quality product brands, Hanss Acoustics as Turntable (Korea) and PureAudioProject as Loud Speaker (Israel) and we achieved awesome quality sound demonstration with favourite vinyls, especially many beautiful jazz albums, including Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon, which I recognised many big fans of this album until today in Europe (incl. me). Indeed this HiFi festival is kinda heaven for those who used to visit Record shops in town and buy number of vinyls at his teenager.  As a matter of fact, many brought his own music source burnt from his vinyls to CD. I am quite sure many visitors were very much excited visiting this great show, with his heart at his teenage. This special atmosphere even brought me to buy Brand X’s latter period album, manifest destiny, for that first time in 4 decades ha ha  !!!! 

           Our booth has set up NON-Negative Feedback amplifier SA710, with World First speaker driver sa2.0 which adopted Direct Input Terminal that bypasses voltage amplification stage with 0dB gain, Full discrete NON-Negative Feedback. Power stage uses TO-3 that was selected instead of common transistor TO-220 as it enables dynamic sound stage remains widely spread even at small volume of below 9 o’clock. These great setup  drives 4Ω speakers with rich mid & bass lines and crystal clear high tones at 45W + 45W. It’s real ultimate monitor sound.           


           It was huge (!) investment for us to bring tons of furnitures, glass tables and solid timber cabinet from Asia ! Interesting thing was, we recognised this show attendance was not for money but something you insisted to do no matter how high investment it was …  since we were more that happy to have brought them to Munich as a result of sound performances that won’t come to reach without those efforts made by any means. We’ve been looking for local dealers of Soulnote in many areas in Europe by now. So it was good opportunity to be able to have outstanding sound demonstration to those new candidates of Soulnote dealers in Europe. Booth visitors who have even sit down to the floor and never moved over few ten minutes made us impressed as they looked like some worship or pray in front of Goddess of music … 


As some famous history of this industry, our engineering team are the one who have been developing Superscope brand products in Japan, who used to be the 1st owner of Marantz in the history. Superscope has just launched PMR61 the professional recorder. This user-friendly product has big pre-orders from the legal court group network in the US, and international applications in events, virtual conferences such as Freeman (https://www.freeman.com), PSAV (http://www.psav.com/global). This Hot product is still new to some areas in Europe and Asia. You are welcome top contact us for details xxx 

           We appreciate you all visitors and those who had interest in our products. We can’t  wait for next Munich HI END 2018 already !!!!!!!!!!  

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